Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

About The Artist:
Aaron Johnson has taken off from the starting line with his chrome soaked classic automobile artwork. Born and based in Northern California, Aaron was raised on a steady diet of art, music and exhaust. One of his fondest car memories is of his father and him tearing down and rebuilding a 350 short block for a 72 Nova SS when he was a youth.

From scribbling on grade school desktops to marking prepared canvas he found drawing and painting gave him an artistic outlet for his lack of musical skill or a ride of his own to wrench on. Inspired by the sounds and visuals of rock and roll he became quite adept at rendering his heroes likenesses. While portraiture formed his painting foundation, Aaron was drawn towards the art of classic cars and it’s gleaming chrome.

As a young adult seeking artistic bearing, Aaron enrolled at Sacramento City College where he made the Deans List and earned a scholarship to California College of the Arts. There, studying illustration he was given an assignment to draw al fresco. Like divine intervention Johnson came across a beauty of a rusted out Model A truck and sat down to create. Amazed by the acrylic work he was commissioned by his uncle to paint his own hot rod (a 1949 Dodge Business Coupe). This sparked what has become a true passion, painting and drawing classic cars.

In 2008, Johnson became a full time artist. His current endeavor is to reach the masses, to share the twists of light, strong lines and shapes of his classic automobiles with art and car enthusiasts. This has led to representation with select galleries in California and continues to branch out into other states. “For me, painting is constant learning, when I’m working a piece, adding layers of colors, sharpening detail, I’m focused and at my best.”

Aaron has limited edition giclees of his work available and is always willing to discuss private commissions as well.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Muscle Car, Photography, Portrait


http://www.aaronomicsart.com (Site down since 05/15/2020)

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  1. Very nice work Aaron.

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