Andrew McGeachy

Andrew McGeachy

About The Artist:
Born in Glasgow in 1962, early passions for cars and drawing were combined when Andrew became an automotive designer, learning the disciplines at Coventry Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art.

Beginning his career with Volkswagen in 1986, he later joined the teaching staff of Art Center Europe, the Swiss annex of the famous Pasadena school to give design and drawing classes.

While teaching there he developed his impressionistic, dynamic painting.
Volumes or details are indicated with natural spontaneity, avoiding overworked lifelessness. Canvases are coated with acrylic paint in a celebration of vibrant colour capturing motion and emotion.There has also been some experimentation with mixed media wall sculptures.

Paintings are completed at will or as private or commercial commissions. Freelance design work activities run in parallel with his artwork.
Commercial illustration projects are also undertaken. The studio is located in the Swiss countryside with inspiring surrounding views about 15 minutes north of the Vevey/Montreux region.

Andrew recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book with an aviation theme, a spoof on the story of Louis Blériot’s crossing of the English Channel in 1909, with a badger as the main character entitled The Flight of Louis Blaireau. Andrew speaks French and German as well as English.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Concept Design, Illustration, Portrait


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