Yuriy Shevchuk Interview

Automobiles in Space and Fashion of a Particular Time

Living in Prague, Yuriy Shevchuk has adopted the practice of recording his own experiences through his artwork. The three passions that inspire his paintings are, architecture/cityscapes, jazz, and historical cars. Born in Kiev, Ukraine he attended the Kiev Art School and later the prestigious Kiev Architectural Academy. He has been an associate member of the Pastels Society of America since 2007.... »

Reflections and Refractions - Interview with Lucretia Torva

Reflections and Refractions – Interview with Lucretia Torva

Lucretia Torva has a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the University of Illinois. She currently resides in the Phoenix area. Torva has taught both studio and lecture college classes in her career. As she states on her profile page, “vintage automobiles and motorcycles, as a subject, are a natural outgrowth of [my] desire to depict reflections and refractions of all types of surfaces”. H... »

Ron de Haer Interview

Classic Mustang Illustration – Ron de Haer

With a passion for classic cars and driving his ‘71 Ford Capri on sunny days, Ron de Haer has loved automobiles for years. Not only that, but this Netherlands-resident started his art career by doing illustration by hand for a publishing company. He’s moved up the corporate ladder and now owns his own business, where he creates most of his car art on the computer. We contacted Ron to ask him about... »

Paper, Pencils, and Ink Pens – Rick Wilson

Paper, Pencils, and Ink Pens – Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson is a freehand artist who likes to keep things simple. He uses paper, pencils, and ink pens to create beautiful black-and-white drawings of classic and muscle cars, and hot rods. He sells thousands of prints each year with his unique business strategy and pricing model. We got in touch with Rick to ask him about his artwork and business. AA: You grew up in Southern California, at a time... »

Jack Pumphrey - Golden Classics

Golden Classics – Jack Pumphrey

Jack is a self-taught artist who provides portraits of classic and custom cars out of his studio in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He works nationally with customers, prospects, and referrals. Being on Jack’s mailing list, we have always been impressed by the way he balances his newsletters with various marketing, informational, and humorous messages. Readers quickly see that he is not only a great... »

Rick Herron Interview

From Classic Design To Modern Concepts – Rick Herron

Rick began drawing around 1958 when he was about 8. He worked many jobs in the automotive industry gaining a knowledge of how an automobile works, and completed a degree in English Literature in 1982 and in Graphic Design in 1999. He has done commissions for Sports Car Club of America racers and for Mercedes Benz. We got in touch with Rick to find out a more about him and what he is currently work... »

Claudia Rizzoli Interview

Pencils, Pastels and Vintage Sports Cars – Claudia Rizzoli

Claudia Rizzoli is a self-taught artist in Argentina who draws and paints older models and classics. We contacted her to find out more about her work and what she has been up to lately. AA: What is your preferred medium and why? CA: My preferred medium are pencils and pastels. I feel its like the prolongation of my hand and my thinking, I can do everything with a pencil. I like the oil painting to... »

Kaytee Esser - Classic Car-ma

Classic Car-ma

Kaytee Esser recently posted about her new book titled “Classic Car-ma”. We got in touch with Kaytee to find out more about the book and what inspired her to write it. AA: Can you tell us a little about who you are and what you do? KE: Sure, I am a portrait artist to start with, I paint more portraits of dogs than people but I like to do both. I grew up mainly in Pennsylvania near Chadds Ford whic... »

Classic Cars, Nostalgia and Tropical Places – Mark Watts

Classic Cars, Nostalgia and Tropical Places – Mark Watts

Mark Watts has been creating art for the past 30 years. He has two studios, one in the rolling hills of Bucks County Pennsylvania and one in Sunny South Florida. Mark has worked for clients such as Walt Disney, Budweiser, Warner Brothers Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Hasbro Toys, Tyco Toys, Crayola, William Morrow Publishing, and Avon Books – QVC Home Shopping Channel to name a few! We reach... »

A Passion for Racing - Jean-Claude Derringer

A Passion for Racing – Jean-Claude Derringer

Jean-Claude Derringer is a self-taught artist with a passion for racing. His paintings reflect cars and drivers in a variety of styles and mediums. Recently he posted updates with an abstract feel, so we got in touch to find out more about him and his work. His native language is French, so we included both the English and French versions of the interview. Translation was done with the help of Goo... »

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