Clive Botha

Clive Botha

Clive Botha

About The Artist:
Clive Botha, also known as ‘The Cartist’, is an automotive artist, designer and illustrator located in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa and is a member of the prestigious British Guild of Motoring Artists. From pencil to pixel, The Cartist specialses in automotive art and illustration for the automotive industry and for avid motoring enthusiasts worldwide.

He mainly works in graphic markers, coloured pencils, graphite and pen, however, he does not focus on one particular style or medium. He often incorporates pastel, gouache and airbrushing in his artwork which range from quick sketches to highly finished renderings as well as amazing 3D anamorphic optical illusions. He would describe himself as a perfectionist and is extremely detail-oriented, but at the same time he also enjoys being a bit more expressive in his work.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Muscle Car Concept Design, Illustration, Portrait


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Clive Botha Artwork 1

Clive Botha Artwork 2

Clive Botha Artwork 3

Clive Botha Artwork 4


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