Daniel King

Daniel King

Daniel King

About The Artist:
I was born on August 25, 1980, in Weisbaden Germany, to a military family. Back in my childhood days, I loved to draw. I would draw on anything I could get my hands on. I would use from brown paper sacks to printing paper. I had a very supportive family as well. During most of my formative years, I was homeschooled with my younger sister. During breaks, I would run back to my room and just draw. Of course, cars were my favorite subject, and to this very day, still is. When I grew older, we moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, to which day I still live. As I went to public school, my favorite classes were art, where I learned the basic fundamentals. My dream was to be a car designer, but after finding out that math was involved, I got discouraged.

After graduating high school, I found myself showing and selling my art at different local galleries and festivals. After not much success, I still continue to push forward. Again, like with most other artists across the globe, with myself included, the Covid Virus has hit us pretty hard. But we must do what we can. If not to make a living, but just to see the smiling faces of people that see our work. I believe that is what makes truly a great artist.

I just want to thank again the people at Automotiveartist.com for accepting me into their world. It has been a dream of mine to be placed along with such other great artists. If anyone would like to see more of my work, much less buy from me, my website is www.dkautomotiveart.com

Classic Car, Illustration


https://www.dkautomotiveart.com/ (Page down since 02/11/2022)

Daniel King Artwork 1

Daniel King Artwork 2

Daniel King Artwork 3

Daniel King Artwork 4


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