Dave Maestrejuan

Dave Maestrejuan

Dave Maestrejuan

About The Artist:
Dave Maestrejuan is a small town southern California native who is making his career in art. His portrait work has taken him down many remarkable paths, but his fascination of the hand-made vintage Ferrari has captured his imagination.

Dave has drawn since he was a kid. His artwork earned him scholarships to Fullerton College, UCI and Los Angeles Art Center College of Design. He’s gone to school off and on for most of his life, attended or conducted countless workshops and studied with some fabulous artists. He admires the Masters and emulates their traditional drafting techniques, often making his own tools; painting contemporary themes in classical style.

Dave grew up around high-performance cars and motorcycles. In the mid-sixties the Ford/Ferrari battle for supremacy brought sports car racing to his attention and he has enjoyed creating historic auto racing paintings ever since. His main focus is Ferrari from 1947-67 and has owned both vintage and modern Ferrari. A major participant in the Ferrari at 50 celebration, Dave was named the first artist-in-residence at the Petersen Automotive Museum in 1997.

Dave’s work is in books and magazines, has been handled by Christies and hangs in three museums. He has been commissioned to do work for major collections worldwide and his paintings have been used by both the Ferrari Owners Club (where he served on the Board) and the Ferrari Club of America. Dave enjoys researching Ferrari and his many years of vintage car restoration (winning Pebble Beach in 2007) has given him a mechanical intimacy and access to cars and collections that few artists possess. Please visit his website where you can buy his book or contact him for more information.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Photography, Portrait



Dave Maestrejuan Artwork 1

Dave Maestrejuan Artwork 2

Dave Maestrejuan Artwork 3

Dave Maestrejuan Artwork 4


  1. Well done, Dave !

  2. I only have an old phone number for you. I want to stop by with my Enzo AP drawing and have you restamp his faded purple signature.

    How are you? You still in Santa Ana @ 1310 Birch?

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