Eric Soller

Eric Soller

About The Artist:
Born and raised in New Jersey, Eric Soller grew up with a pencil in his hand. Throughout high school and college, a majority of his time was spent drawing, painting and printing. After graduated from the University of South Florida in 1980 with BFA in Lithography, Soller began his professional career in graphic arts, working as an illustrator and designer throughout the northeast around Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts.

In early 2005, new opportunities presented Soller with access to the NASCAR world. This led him to pit road during NASCAR races, where he began photographing the eye-catching events occurring along pit road– inspiration for a series of paintings, that are currently marketed as limited edition Giclee prints through NASCAR retail channels and his website,

Each image is carefully composed and drawn out on 40”x 30” illustration board, then meticulously painted in gouache. Using his photographs as reference, each painting is created to capture the passion and finesse of the sport, celebrating the excitement that takes place in the pits. These paintings are created to accurately depict actual race moments, captured in time; with an attention to detail that conveys the textures, sensations and excitement of the sport.

Motorsport (Illustration)


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