Gabriele Guidetti

Gabriele Guidetti

About The Artist:
With pencil and watercolor paints I designed and colored this scene in which the mechanic and test driver Bertocchi, also known as “The Prince”, has linked his name forever with the Maserati. He was the real soul of the car, from its origin (1926) until the end of the 1960s. I envisioned the persons turned in his direction and used monochrome to heighten his importance.

I was born in Bologna – Italy in 1952 beside a racing car factory. The passion for racing cars and the subsequent passion for painting them started in the 80s, when, as an illustrator I had the fortune to collaborate with Autosprint, Ruoteclassiche, collectors’ magazines and several works in books.

I invite you all to visit my website, where I have prints and lithographs of my creations. I accept commissions from publishing houses, sponsors of racing teams, classic auto clubs and individuals.

In addition, I develop models in die cast for publishing houses following the production in China and cooperate with renowned auto experts in the reconstruction of the original lines of classic cars that have been in accidents or otherwise modified, with the help of a huge archive of photographic material of my own belonging spanning from 1908 to the present day.

Classic Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Illustration


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