Giovanni Casander

Giovanni Casander

Giovanni Casander

About The Artist:
My name is Giovanni Casander. I live in the Netherlands. My passion for classical cars started as a teenager. I visited the races at Zandvoort and I was impressed to see the launch of the Lotus Europa at the carshow in Amsterdam and many more events to come. I bought the first 2CV4 deux chevaux and my second car was a Mini Cooper. In the past 40 years I often visited the autojumble in Beaulieu to buy spareparts with my friend in one of my classical cars. It was a great experience to meet the same passionates and it was always great fun. I owned a MG TD for daily use in summer and winter, Austin Healey, Morris Minor, Morgan, Landrover series one, Aston Martin DHC, Alvis, Jaguar XK DHC, Blower Bentley. I drove a lot of international rallys such as Tulpenrally, international club meetings, Goodwood, Silverstone, Monthlhéry, Spa- Francorchamps. So I do understand what an important role a classical car can play and the extra joy it brings into one’s life.

In the 20’s and 30’s a lot of races have been held on dangerous and pothole filled roads. It was a period when courageous drivers were exposed to the dangers of racing but were prepared to take risks, all for the love of motorsport. A linen cap, goggles and a pair of gloves were the only protection they had against the metallic beasts racing alongside them. These people, with passion for motorsport, contributed to its development and current day automotive engineering excellence. They get my utmost respect. Nowadays it is fascinating to see there are many enthusiasts of classical cars and this passion brings people together.

After my active professional life as an interior architect I now spend most of my time making watercolours and paintings. When I am making my artworks I like to fill the room with some great music from the twenties and thirties, with an occasional powerful car engine soundtrack thrown in for good measures. Nothing fills me with more joy than to try and capture the feel and ambiance of that exhilarating period.

I sincerely hope that my watercolours can add to the loving memory of the good old days and of the drivers who risked their lives.

Please have a look at my website where you can order original watercolours or limited edition prints.

Classic Car, Motorsport, Illustration


Giovanni Casander Artwork 1

Giovanni Casander Artwork 2

Giovanni Casander Artwork 3

Giovanni Casander Artwork 4


  1. WOW, your illustrations are superb. The strength of the car in your art stand out in just the right proportion in regards to it’s setting in the background. What a refreshing approach in your illustrations. You are a master without question, and your illustrations are an absolute joy.

  2. I am blushing all over. Thank you so much for your compliments.

  3. Wow… I had no idea that you moved into painting! I was searching for you in Olymp equipment, but got confronted with Lindedesign! Has that name something to do with your address in those days, when you worked and lived in Bussum? Brilliant that you are taking it more easy for non of us are getting any younger… I am 66 now and I was looking for a Laconda. When I saw the car I immediately thought of you and your ‘racing green Bentley straight eight’! Your wife drove a Minor estate in those days. I’m living in Devon now a few years; I did rather well in hairstyle and make-up. I almost never go back to the Netherlands; too much used to all this space I suppose…
    I wish you all the best and lots of success with your new career and (important nowadays!) both of you good health!
    With kind regards, Richard Latjes

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