About The Artist:
Harikrishnan.P.K, an Industrial Designer from India, spends every day searching for solutions to simplify various design ideas and style products and his fantasy vehicles. He is currently working in Desmania Design, Mumbai.

Even as a child he was very inquisitive about how everything works. After his graduation in mechanical engineering from NIT Calicut, India, he specialized in Industrial Design from IDC, IIT Bombay. By traveling and interacting with people from other fields like animators and artists he has developed his skills on many facets of design. He loves abstractions, mixing up different media, photography and keep on exploring different styles. He is a hardcore auto enthusiast and an automotive artist who believes that design should evoke emotions.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Concept Design, Illustration, Photography



Harikrishnan.P.K Artwork 1

Harikrishnan.P.K Artwork 2

Harikrishnan.P.K Artwork 3

Harikrishnan.P.K Artwork 4


  1. Amazing Designs. U really bring a new perspective to the conventions. Wish you success in all your ventures.

  2. Great Work … A different perspective… keep goin…

  3. Bring it on Hari-the world must experience your talents. I vouch for your enthu to learn more & your inquisitive levels to seek more & thereby offer more. Take design to new heights& platforms for people to benefit way way more.

  4. Thanks everyone. Sure I ll be uploading more soon 🙂

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