Julie Kurtz

Julie Kurtz

About The Artist:
Award winning artist Julie Kurtz has enjoyed and created artwork for over 30 years. Along with a love of art, comes a deep fascination for all things automotive. This interest began as a youngster when she would travel to Buick meets with her family, scouring the swap meet tables for those elusive 1934 Buick parts. It continued as Julie and her husband joined the world of car collecting with a few classics of their own. After many years in the engineering field, with a heavy concentration in the automotive industry, she decided to “retire” and concentrate on her artwork full time. This has proven to be a very rewarding decision.

Julie works mainly with acrylics, on either canvas or panel. This method allows her to create the fine detail that her patrons have come to admire in her work. Whether it’s the reflections in the chrome work, sun shining brightly off the car itself, or a stunning scene of a National Park in the background, she captures the beauty and reality of her subjects. New to her collection are several colored pencil works. Her artwork is proudly displayed in museums, businesses, and homes across the country and internationally. For more information, please be sure to check out my website at www.kurtzstudios.com.

Classic Car and (Portrait)

http://www.kurtzstudios.com (Site Down 12/03/10)

Julie Kurtz artwork 1

Julie Kurtz artwork 2

Julie Kurtz artwork 3

Julie Kurtz artwork 4

1 Comment

  1. Ms. Kurtz,
    Do you have, or could you please tell me where I can find a print of your “Souring High” painting? This is the quail radiator cap on a Mode;l A Ford.
    Thank you
    Bob Barker

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