Keith Harding

Keith Harding

About The Artist:
Born and bread in New Zealand down under I did my time as automotive spray painter. I did that for 10 years and gave it up for health reasons.

At college I was the kid in the back of maths class drawing cars in the back of my maths book hehe. I have always had a passion for Hot rods, cars, trucks and bikes. So a man and his car, you gotta love that combo deal!

I do custom automotive illustrations. A great way to capture that special kinda love between a man and his wheels. I take commissions to draw you and your wheels. I also do posters, Logos, T- shirt design and even design tattoos!!

I have big influences in my art career, the likes of Ed Roth : ), Thom Taylor, Steve Stanford hey the list goes on All American car artists and I love America. I’m sure I grew up in the wrong part of the world. Just cool car culture etc. I think I would do well over there.


Hot Rod/Custom Car, Lowrider, Muscle Car, Cartoon, T-Shirt Design

Website: (Website down 07/12/2016)

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  1. Hi Keith, im Allan Meads wife Lynore. We met you at Whakatane warf. Allans trying to get in touch as we would love to catch up with you both, hope alls well, cheers Lynore

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