Marc Jones

Marc Jones

About The Artist:
Growing up on Long Island I was indoctrinated into the world of automobiles by my father Casey. He was an avid sports car enthusiast and would routinely employ my brothers and I to get our hands dirty and help him with his next automotive project. Early on I developed a passion for these cars, which I expressed through my first real drawings at about 12 years old. I was hooked! I began drawing everything and turned to painting at about age sixteen.

After high school I received a scholarship to Syracuse University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1974. A few years later I headed west, settling in Boulder Colorado where I started to restore vintage sports cars. Along with cars I gained an appreciation and passion for Motorcycles. I’ve owned many wonderful motorcycles over the years, crossing this country many times, from sea to shining sea.

For the past twelve years I’ve been living just west of Denver in Evergreen, a very picturesque small mountain town where I get to paint my passion. Many of my automotive paintings are on display at the beautiful LeMay Automotive Museum in Lakewood, Colorado.

At this time I continue to refine and sharpen my skills as a painter of these beloved icons, producing only original acrylic works to satisfy a market that wants something totally singular and unique. Most of my paintings are also rather large, my favorite size being about 36×48 inches, a size that lends itself to the grandeur of my subjects. They will last virtually forever and will brighten, enhance, stimulate and cause a sensation wherever they are.

Commissions gladly accepted

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Motorcycle, Illustration, Portrait



  1. Mr. Jones, I tip my hat to you , for your art is extraordinary! There are a few parallels in your existence & mine, for I too am an automotive illustrator with origins from upstate NY. White Lake (a mere stones throw from the site of the 1969 Woodstock Music festival). I have recently moved to Atlanta Ga, but in my formative years as an artist & musician , I lived in Boulder for awhile. I can never really get that Rocky Mtn. air out of my head…at any rate, if you go to, log onto my pin boards by signing onto -artrice Woodard. I think you may find it cool!

  2. Been a while since i was last on this site. Lots of things going on, finally getting some time now. Checked out your work on pinterest! Very Cool work!! It is really a crazy coincidence we spent time in many of the same places!! Peace!

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