Maurizio Corbi

Maurizio Corbi

Maurizio Corbi

About The Artist:
Maurizio Corbi was born in Sermoneta , a little city near to Rome, in 1960. Already young, he showed great drawing skills and an early interest in cars.

At the beginning of the Eighties, he started participating in design competitions, getting to the finals and wining some of theme (Autosprint, Gente Motori, Rombo ). This opened to him the doors of Aviointeriors (aeronautic firm specialized on interiors and components).

But, as his real passion was for cars, by 1987 he contacted the most important Italian car design firms: Pininfarina, Bertone, Italdesign and Ghia.

Pininfarina offered him an internship, but Nuccio Bertone wanted to include him as soon as possible in his design studio. Thus, in January 1988, Corbi started his career  as a car designer at Bertone. A year after, he moved to Pininfarina, where fully involved, he contributed to the creation of some Ferrari (F50, F355, 550M and the interior of the 456).

Parallel to this activity, Maurizio Corbi started feeling a passion for classic cars and beggin creating illustrations on hyper-realistic technique, using markers, some as those he uses everyday for his profession.

His work has been exhibited at Libreria Dell’Automobile in Milano, Italy (Dec.1994), Curitiba, Brasil (1996), Autostory in Genova and Automotoretro’ in Turin (1998), Buenos Aires, Argentina (2000) and finally in Mexico City (Sept. 2002).

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