Michael Irvine

Michael Irvine

About The Artist:
Known for his use of high impact color, reflections, technical accuracy and incredible attention to detail, artist Michael Irvine has chosen to capture American muscle cars in watercolor. His unique approach to what is traditionally considered a “loose medium”, produces sharp images that are alive with color and narration. Michael has a 20 year background as a successful commercial illustrator, specializing in architectural rendering, giving him a keen eye for perspective, scale and composition.

Michael’s is a very time consuming style — including research time, sketching, tonal and color studies, his paintings take 100s of hours to complete. And, he doesn’t like to rush the process. The result: his automotive art portfolio is very diverse — with an emphasis on a variety of themes and series. “My goal is to continually challenge myself. I want to give the viewer something they cannot see in ‘real life’. I want to draw the viewer into a painting, giving them more, the longer they look.”

Having walked away from a successful commercial art career in 2007, Michael now focuses on his automotive paintings full-time. He resides in Southern Ontario with his wife, Linda, and their two children. A true car guy, he spends his free time at car shows and events, and working on his own classic cars.

Michael’s work is collected around the worldwide. He has been featured a number of times on the covers of Mopar Collectors Guide and Muscle Car Enthusiast. He offers reproductions of all of his paintings as Limited Edition Prints, Artist Proofs with Remarque and Gallery Edition Canvases.

Classic Car, Muscle Car, Illustration



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