Michel Verrando

Michel Verrando

About The Artist:
When, as a young child, Michel Verrando doodles pictures of the racing cars driven by Moss, Clark and Hill, his parents are not unduly concerned.After all, crazes come and go at that age, and his father, a fine arts graduate and Grand Prix fan, must be partly to blame…

However, things get worse as he approaches adulthood. His chosen profession, that of commercial artist, allows him to grow richer, graphically speaking, and to sharpen his often gently irreverent take on the automobile world.Gouaches, oils, pencil sketches, Michel Verrando has absolutely no intention of confining himself to one particular style or technique, and would rather explore the countless facets of his great passion in his own way.

Any idea is worthwile, provided it is anecdotal, unusual or amusing. so don’t be surprised if you see an elephant instead of a Lancia HF engine, a Bugatti dashboard riveted onto a painting, or slices of toast popping out of a Ferrari.

The jury sponsored by the Maeght Foundation must have appreciated his style, awarding him first prize in Mechanical Arts in Marseilles, France in 1986, and the Principality of Monaco commissioned him to design its commemorative stamps of Enzo Ferrari, the Formula 1, 3000, and historical Grand Prix.In short, by having fun and playing tricks with what he loves more than anything, Michel Verrando draws us into his secret world, a world from which we don’t necessary ever want to escape…

Classic Car, Motorsport, Illustration



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  1. Bonsoir Michel
    Pourquoi, du fond de ma mémoire, ce 17 janvier est remonté? Par delà les liens des hommes, je te souhaite un bel anniversaire. Vroum. Helene.

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