Parry Johnson

Parry Johnson

Parry Johnson

About The Artist:
Parry is a self taught artist and first began drawing cars in the mid ’60’s, working in pencil and pen & ink in his younger years. His introduction to the airbrush was in the late ’70’s, airbrushing automotive murals and canvas paintings. He has been a full time professional freelance artist since 1985. Parry began selling prints from his artwork in 1998 and has been selling on-line since 2005.

Hot Rod/Custom Car, Muscle Car


68-69 AMX

58 Impala

51 Ford Truck

39 Chevy Coupe


  1. I purchased one of ur art pics, the black 60 chevy, looked like mine on ebay so ordered and it is amazing, it’s my car except for the rims, it was awesome, so perfect, I love it as well as my wife of 50 years, I was in that black 60 chevy cruising A&W root beer where she was a carhop, we met and have now been together 50 years in july, I am still into hotrods and own a,56 chevy pickup big back window, black in color, do u have a drawing with that in it as well as a,79 ford ranchero, blue and white in color would like to order these 2 if u have or can draw, that 11 by 14 60 chevy is perfect and the 56 truck and 79 ranchero pics I could hang on my man cave, can you get these for me, appreciate a responce to this request, thanks in advance if u can help me out, love ur drawings

  2. Can u paint a 1965 pontiac tempest. It’s like the gto but no hood scoop and grill says pontiac instead of gto also has 5 spoke rally wheels

  3. I will add it to my list to paint. I won’t be able to get to it for quite a while.

  4. I purchased one of your prints a few years ago. It hangs on my wall next to a display of show car markers. On the other side is a picture of my ’55 chevy 2nd model 3100 Pickup. Yep mine is yellow (same hue), shaved front chrome bumper, bar grille chrome headlight bezels, smoothed hood. Well at first glance folks want to know who painted my truck. I tell them I don’t know but someone from New Mexico in the late eighties. But Parry Johnson painted the picture 2013.Thanks for the art.

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