Rick Boswell

Rick Boswell

About The Artist:
An Interior Design graduate from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Rick worked for architects and designers in South Florida before opening his own design firm in Fort Lauderdale in 1985. After Desert Storm, his love of aircraft and patriotism guided him to enlist in the Navy for the opportunity to serve his country. This was to be a temporary detour from his chosen career path. 18 years later he is still in the Navy!

His artistic endeavors took pause, but did not falter. As a member of the Naval Flight Demonstration Team, Blue Angels, Rick produced numerous renderings of the F/A-18 “Hornet” in pen and ink. His drawings led to his watercolors and finally oil paintings. The three “A’s”, Aircraft, Automobiles and Architecture are his main subjects of interest. His work plays on the use of shadow and reflection to create intensity and balance.

“As an interior designer, clients would often try to select art that worked with their interior color pallet. Artwork should evoke a feeling, a reaction, or a thought process. If art does that, it doesn’t matter what color the matte is, hang it and enjoy.”

His work is in private collections across the United States.

Available for commissioned work.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Motorcycle, Muscle Car (Photography)



  1. Hi Rick,

    I worked with you at Roy D Smith architect in the early 80’s…Don’t know what made me think of you, but I did a search and found this website. Anyway, glad you are following your passion.

    Susan (DeCicco) Holsten

  2. Hey Susan,

    Just saw this post. Great hearing from you. Where are you living now? Still in south FLA? my email address is on my website, drop me a line.


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