Robin S McQueen

Robin S. McQueen

About The Artist:
I’m a life-long Car Nut that got turned onto all things Mopar when I was in my early teens. I’ve also been very handy with drawing – especially Cars! I had a career as a Photographer in the Canadian Air Force, which expanded my abilities into the Photographic arts as well. Twenty-odd years ago, I took a few College courses in Digital Media, and began a side venture into Graphic Arts and Logo design. After retiring, I decided to follow my heart and combine my love of Mopars with that thing I’ve always done, drawing! When not drawing Mopars, I read about Mopars, think about Mopars, travel to see Mopars, and work in my garage…building my fleet of Mopars!

In the past, I used all manners of traditional artistic mediums to create my images. Over the past twenty years I’ve really fallen hard for Digital Art! It allows me to create drawings that can be easily manipulated, thereby changing the appearance of my subject matter perfectly, quickly and repeatably! I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, ACDSee for Pros, and even Microsoft Paint upon occasion! However, I still start a lot of my designs with a lead pencil, and an old-fashioned paper sketch pad. In the near future I hope to upgrade from using a computer mouse to a Wacom Cintiq 22″ HD Interactive Pen Display…!

When I was a kid, I rabidly consumed Car Magazines, Car Model kits, and Comic books! Back then, the Big-time artists in the Car world were guys by the name of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, and Dave “Big” Deal. Their caricatures of Hot Rods and other cars served as inspiration for some of my early efforts! I musn’t forget Car-Toons magazine! And of course, the Funky-Mod ads by Artist Paul Williams on behalf of Chrysler Corporation in the late 1960’s-early 1970’s. Later, a fellow Canadian Artist, Guy Laird, produced the first of the modern day/retro Mopar drawings that completely turned me on! Recently, the works of Artist Bruce Anliker has served to raise my awareness of how to properly do this kind of Art!

Muscle Car, Cartoon, Concept Design, Illustration, T-Shirt Design


Robin S. McQueen - Artwork 1

Robin S. McQueen - Artwork 2

Robin S. McQueen - Artwork 3

Robin S. McQueen - Artwork 4



  1. Looks great Robin! Top quality work that pays attention to all the little details… That’s what sets you apart and makes your art so unique… that passion for and knowledge of your subject matter… Keep up the awesome work buddy šŸ™‚ I love the banner you made for me of the Finkmobile šŸ™‚

  2. Robin does killer work, I am fortunate enough to have some of it on the wall of my shop! I grew up around Mopars as well and have owned many. A lot of his work brings back fond memories or my time working at a Dodge dealership in the early 80ā€™s.
    Wishing you the best Robin.

  3. Awesome work my friend! Iā€™m so glad to see you get the recognition you deserve!

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