Russell Boothe

Russell Boothe

Russell Boothe

About The Artist:
Since I was a young I always enjoyed anything “mobile”, i.e. whatever had the means of transport. From my first peddle toy to tricycle to bike cycle, I was on the go. My father was a mechanic and I was around cars and trucks all the time. My father’s passion was instilled in me. I have been drawing cars and trucks since grade school. It was mostly a past-time/hobby, I did picture for friends a few greeting cards then one day I was asked to do a commissioned work of a 1957 Chevy Pick Up. There was no turning back.

I am more or less a self-taught artist aside from the grade school art classes and the perquisites in the Humanities in college, I took drawing I & II. I experimented with different mediums and paper until I found my love of watercolors. I learned from accomplished artists in the field of Automotive Art, read many books on technique and presentation. Aside from the pencil drawings, most of my paintings are watercolor, though I experiment with all the mediums.

My website offers a wild variety of sizes, papers, and even greeting cards. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Motorcycle


Russell Boothe Artwork 1

Russell Boothe Artwork  2

Russell Boothe Artwork 3

Russell Boothe Artwork 4

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