Ryan Sardachuk

Ryan Sardachuk

Ryan Sardachuk

About The Artist:
Ryan Sardachuk of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is an artist and illustrator who specializes in the niche market of automotive artwork. He sells his work through his business Fast Lane Illustration (formerly Fast Lane Design) at local car shows, art shows and venues, and over the web to clients worldwide.

What began as doodling vague sketches of scenery and cars with markers in kindergarten has transformed into his life passion. More recently, painting has created business opportunities in his life with requests for many commissioned pieces as well as a request to have a piece of his work displayed in Ester Brym’s documentary film “Autumn of Route 66”.

His artwork has been heavily influenced by his fascination with automobiles, architecture, and the Cold War era along with all the nostalgia and pop culture it creates. By utilizing these ideas and countless intricate details, He tries to convey an emotion that will refresh people’s memories of a bygone era.

When he entered Alberta College of Art and Design, he broadened his artistic horizons leading him to experiment with different mediums such as graphite, watercolor, chalk, and most recently with the broadened use of acrylics.

While he has a wide range of influences in his style, the greatest influence is Chip Foose, who is an automotive designer, fabricator, and the host of the reality TV series “Overhaulin'”. Ralph Goings has also been a great influence and inspiration to his overall style he says. Goings is a photorealism painter whose work displays many nostalgic scenes with unbelievable amounts of detail. Studying his work for an hour would not reveal all the intricate details hidden within his work. Sardachuk aims towards a semi-photorealist style almost reminiscent of Ralph Goings, but wishes to keep his own trademark style at the same time.

Ryan offers his work in the form of originals, prints and commissions. Visit his site for more information.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Muscle Car, Illustration



Ryan Sardachuk Artwork 1

Ryan Sardachuk Artwork 2

Ryan Sardachuk Artwork 3

Ryan Sardachuk Artwork 4

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