Sinisa Saratlic

Sinisa Saratlic

About The Artist:
Sinisa Saratlic was born on 1954 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslavia. He graduated from University of Sarajevo, Department of Architectural studies, with B.S. in Architecture.

Now he is living and working in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sinisa’s travel through world of art begins at his early age. Sketch book filled with ideas and intricate drawings was his best friend throughout his childhood. His talent was recognized, and rewarded ever since elementary school. Sinisa’s art work became important component of his school’s exhibitions and competitions. At age 15 his first painting is sold.

Sinisa’s infinite thirst for experimenting in expressing his artistic personality helped him create variety of works in different mediums and styles (drawings, paintings, graphics, compositions…). He received strong academic training in perspective drawing, compositions and history of the art and architecture from his professors, which were well known artists and masters in their professions.

The special part of variety of his artworks is distinctive Automotive Fine Art.

He exhibited paintings, graphics and drawings at numerous exhibits throughout Ex-Yugoslavia and USA. His paintings were inevitable part of galleries from Sarajevo, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Korcula and other cities. Lot of his artworks is also in private and corporate collections in Europe and USA.

Sinisa Saratlic is available for private and corporate commissions.

Classic Car, Illustration, Portrait


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