Steven Cavalieri

Steven Cavalieri

Steven Cavalieri

About The Artist:
Steven Cavalieri was raised in San Francisco by his “commercial artist” parents. “That’s what they used to call designers who did everything” mused Steven about his folks, “they lived for the creative process.” When their studio became too small for larger projects they would annex their small 2-bedroom flat for a make shift production line. That kind of exposure to design and production instilled a desire to become a designer.

Steven (A.K.A. Creative Guy) has designed and directed projects in many creative disciplines including brand and visual language development, photography, graphic design and illustration. Acknowledgements of excellence have come from AIGA, WADC, PCA, CA, and HOW Magazine. Steven is quick to point out that most successful projects are the results of great collaboration and enjoys working with other creative people. Steven has created corporate identity, visual language systems, packaging, and branding designs for Logitech, Disney’s, OmniSky (bought by EarthLink), and Silicon Graphics International (bought by HPE). Steven also designed the visual identity for the “24 Hours of LeMons” with its imaginative creator and Chief Perpetrator, Jay Lamm.

Steven’s automotive illustrations may be seen in books written by Karl Ludvigsen: Corvette, Americas Star-Spangled Sports Car and Porsche—Origin of the Species. Steven also created a series of historic racing car illustrations for the book series Racing Colours by Karl Ludvigsen and David Venables. More to come!

Classic, Motorsport and Muscle Car

Website: (Site down since 04/19/2024)

Steven Cavalieri artwork 1 - 2019

Steven Cavalieri artwork 2 - 2019

Steven Cavalieri artwork 3 - 2019

Steven Cavalieri artwork 4 - 2019

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