Watercolors – Kelly Newcomb


See Kelly’s step by step progress of a MG Roadster.

Find out more about Kelly and her artwork on her Artists Profile page.


The initial pencil sketch I like to focus on lines which will be my lightest and darkest areas in the final painting.


Background wash is applied. When working with transparent watercolors, it is important when layering colors to allow each layer to completely dry.


Unlike most watercolorists, I tend to pick out my darkest areas first. With the fine detail I tend to work in, this aids my ability to focus on what I feel is important in my work…contrast.


The grills are very important when working with cars…they are close to its signature. At this point in my work, if I am not satisfied with the grill and the lights..I will start the painting over. I was very satisfied, I achieved great depth and definition…this one is a go!


A base color paint is mixed to satisfaction, this being alizarin crimson
mixed with cobalt blue and burnt umber. Washes are applied, again, allowing each coat to dry in between applications.


As I continue layering washes, I begin to add more blues and browns to the base color for the darkest washes.


While the washing process is happening, I continue to work with the chrome, by adding washes of blue and brown, and applying touches of the base color to the reflections on the chrome.


When the large flat washes are complete, great care is taken to achieve depth on the body with the darkest wash application.


With my famous #2 sable, I literally comb every inch of the painting with blue and brown. There is satisfaction for me when the painting becomes a real visual image, touchable.


Finished painting. Happy dance!


  1. Hi Kelly,
    Very nice, I’m not brave enough to do cars with transparent watercolors.

  2. Der Kelly, I love your paintings. I admire your methods also. Could not reach your website or your email. Please let me know your current email address or correct website URL. I need to take painting classes from you. Thank you. Bob C

  3. Bob *I appreciate your comments very much. I am currently recovering from Cancer and living a bit closer to family in Oklahoma. Email should be the same. kellynewcombart@yahoo. com


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