Will Linder

Will Linder

Will Linder

About The Artist:
As far a I can remember back, when I was in middle school I remember I was always drawing futuristic cars and military vehicles  Then in high school I flew through art class pretty quick, ending up in a three hour independant class every day where I could do what ever I wanted. From that point I drew nothing but lowrider and lowrider themed images, that I still have to this day. I even got a few pieces published Lowrider mag.

A few years after high school I decided to draw a picture of my BMW 528i. It was at this time in 2005 a light bulb lit up and with the help from my wife, we got the idea to start drawing other peoples cars. So I went to small car show and ended up getting my very first commissioned piece, which was another BMW. Nine years later I have built a large portfolio ranging from airplanes, bikes, dogs, people, cars and trucks plus some full canvas drawings.

I have several car shows that commission me to a rendering of the “Best of Show” winner for an additional prize given to the winner. I also have done a rendering for the Ridler winner and will be starting my second Ridler winner soon. With my love for cars and a talent that i have, I feel like drawing cars is my purpose here. I don’t see myself doing anything else.

I create photo quality black and white pencil renderings of any car, truck, bike, or any thing automotive related. I specialize in making chrome look like chrome. I can also convert scanned prints into color to match the original car. All images can be transferred to t-shirts and other products. Please contact me for any prints or print information.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Motorcycle, Portrait



Will Linder Artwork 1

Will Linder Artwork 2

Will Linder Artwork 3

Will Linder Artwork 4

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  1. I’m speechless at the quality of these drawings.

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