Jon Bell

Jon Bell


About The Artist:

I don’t remembering not being into cars or drawing them.

Had a career path that started out toward car design but realized hot rods rather than modern cars were my interest. But there wasn’t much call for hot rod illustrators in the 1960’s. So I settled into graphic design for gainful employment.

Anything with an engine seems interesting to me but hot rods are my roots. My stepfather sagely told me, when I was young, that if I was going to have a hot rod to have two cars – one to drive and one to work on. So I’ve always had two or more. I’m lucky to be old enough to have had desirable cars when they were just “old cars”.

Commissioned project renderings are my specialty. It can be a big money and time saver to try out the ideas on paper. The most rewarding part of doing them is helping someone get their vision on paper.

My recently completed historical series of prints depict cars, crusing, and Reno, NV in years prior to the famed Hot August Nights event. Back when crusing main was a typical summer night.


Hot Rod and Custom Car