Keith Kaucher

Keith Kaucher

Keith Kaucher

About The Artist:
Keith Kaucher’s design career started professionally in 1994 getting his first custom car design a ’69 ZR-1powered Camaro concept published in Car Craft magazine, but in reality Keith career really started along time before that.

If anyone was destined to have a career in the car industry, it was Keith. He could literally name every car on the road by the time he was three, when he was five his father Martin started teaching him how to draw cars, at nine Keith was building scale models of his favorite street cars, and this all came full circle for him at 13 when he began putting his design skills together with his model building skills.

It was at this time that he knew he would be involved in car design. He started writing letters to General Motors asking about how to become a car designer and submitted work to the Art Center, they were impressed but surprised when they found out how young Keith was.

Keith’s fascination didn’t stop at car design, at 14 he began working with his next door neighbor Frank on a ’62 Corvette that he owned since 1963.  Keith honed his mechanical skills and became fascinated with engines and how to build them up for racing.

He double majored in Santa Monica High School in Art and Auto Mechanics.  After graduation he worked as a mechanic in Speed Shops and in various other automotive related jobs, while he attended Santa Monica City College.  He then went on to California State University of California where he graduated with a BA in Industrial Design.

In 1995 Keith was hired by Superior Industries to design OEM and Aftermarket wheels, while he worked there full time he continued designing customs for clients on the side.  In 1999 he left to pursue a freelance career, it was about then that his career shifted into high gear.

Since then Keith’s work has graced the pages of Rod & Custom, Hot Rod, Truckin’ Classic Truck, Mustangs & Fords, Mustangs Illustrated, Popular Hot Rodding, Kit Car, and Hot VW magazines, not only contributing artwork, but writing the accompanying articles as well.

In 2006 Keith showed up with a customized 1954 Ford Victoria at the Grand National Roadster Show and left with a first place for Best Post War Hardtop Traditional Custom.

The slick looking Ford went on to be featured in several magazines, collected 17 1st place trophies out 19  California custom car shows entered, and was a feature car at the 2006 SEMA show in Las Vegas Nevada.

Since then Keith has designed more than twenty custom cars ranging from ’36 De Soto Airflow to a ‘09 Camaro.  These cars are all under construction now and we should begin to see them trickling onto the car show circuit by mid 2009.  So keep your eyes peeled at shows for cars with design by Kaucher Kustoms on the sign board.

Hot Rod/Custom Car (3-Dimensional,  Concept Design,  Illustration, and T-Shirt Design)


Keith Kaucher 55 Chevy

Keith Kaucher Camaro Fastback

Keith Kaucher 72 Marlin

Keith Kaucher 64 Fairlane