• Dermot Gallagher posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    Maybe I could share a story about a recent commission that I completed in December last year. A print of one of the drawings that I did many years ago was seen by the proud owner of a 1934 Alvis Firefly whilst he was browsing my online shop.
    The Alvis in my artwork was almost identical to his car, but to make the purchase really special, a few amendments were made to match his requirements. First the number plate was added (normally no charge for this, all part of the service). I removed the wing mirror and spotlight and added two horns to the front badge bar and changed the year from 1933. The details were supplied as an attached email picture, as the client lives in northern Scotland, a long way from me! I noticed that one of the horns on his car was slightly higher than the other and faithfully produced this on the amended drawing. The customer was delighted with the new print, especially with the discrepancy on the horns, as he hadn’t even noticed! A true customised rendering.
    I later transferred the new drawing to 50 greetings cards for him to send out to friends and associates as it was coming up for Christmas.

    The process of amending a pencil rendering is a combination of hand drawing and doing clever things in Photoshop. The time spent is a fraction of the hours one would otherwise take to customise existing artwork.
    I’ve attached a before and after image.