Olaf Robrecht

Olaf Robrecht

Olaf Robrecht

About The Artist:
Olaf Robrecht was born in Germany and moved to Canada in 2001. He started his own art studio during his studies and already worked for well-known companies before he received his degrees in art & design, illustration and dtp. Although he started with technical illustrations, mostly for European car companies, he soon became known for his custom painting artwork and his airbrushed fantasy and science fiction images. Several publications, international awards for both design and illustration and his appearance on exhibitions, shows and TV opened another door in 1995 he joined the editorial team of an international art magazine and became editorial director in 2003.

In the late 90s most of Olafs work was done on the computer. Photoshop and a Wacom digitizer suddenly replaced the airbrush, brushes and pencils. Tight deadlines and the comfort of a medium that allows changes in minutes were the reason for his digital endeavors that earned him some recognition from companies around the globe.

It was in 2005 when his love for cars brought him back to the easel. A car show with the most beautiful classic cars, some convincing  car owners and car restorers  and  Olaf decided that he has to go back to his roots, this time with even more passion and devotion.

Olaf Robrechts current artwork is mainly done in acrylic on canvas with most of the pieces exceeding 100 x 140 cm . Most of the time he paints on the request of vintage car owners from all over the world but there will also be limited edition art prints available soon.

Still he tries to find the time for his other passions: Friends, family, the great outdoors of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and his cars.

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