Robert Pettit

Robert Pettit

Robert Pettit

About The Artist:
I was born in Kalamazoo, MI, and moved to Union, SC at the age of 4. With no idea I could draw, or had a God givin talent till the 2nd grade. No one in my family has this ability, or any knowlege with art, period, so it is kinda odd that I do. Anyway, my Mom was helping my older bro with a project, he had to draw a house. Well, everyone knows how to make a cube, dress it up like a house, and boom, it looks cool!

I thought this was awesome, so I tried it, and I did ok, so I kept improving it, slowly getting nicer lines, shades, and just experimenting. Then cars! they came into play, around 4th grade! Everyone else was drawing boxes with circles, mine resembled an actual car. Then, I won the school award of arts, and had my piece placed in the local hospital! Big deal to a 10 year old…lol.

I went through 5th, and 6th grade blowing people (in this small town)’s minds, as I kept getting better, more detail, better lines, ya’ll know, the good Then into jr. high is where I got my biggest insperation. It was my art teacher Coach Bell. He tought me so much. That man had a way with art!

High school rolled around, and I got nominated into GT Art, we all have been Well, me and the teacher didn’t see things eye to eye. She said I would never make it drawing cars, nobody wants that. Me being 14, I was rebelious, and kept on…lol. Heated arguments between us, and my Mother, and the school board ended up with her getting fired, after she failed me with a 58.

At the age of 16, I got joined up with the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! The
It was then, I started working at a local metal fabrication shop! Doing odds and end around the shop! I brought in my artwork one day to show my boss, and blew his mind! I started getting jobs left, and right drawing peoples cars! $20 a pop, all da y long! I even got the oppurtunity to draw IHRA’s Team Aruba’s drag car! And I am now personal friends with them! I am now personal friends with the mayor of our town after drawing his old dragster!

That got me involved in the Show-N-Shine Car Cruisers, and I am now a member of that, and go to most of the car shows doing art there!

Back on track, Tom Lukans of TL Race Cars, the metal shop I worked for, hooked me up with Tom O’Shields, of Boulevard Screenprinting. He has helped me leeps, and bounds! Been an amazing encouragment, and has helped me beyond belief! Much thanks to him!

Most recently, I now have a website, and am well on my way to a sucessful career!

There, that is my background, just if ya’ll are interested! And, last, but most definatly not least, I owe all of this to God, with out his help, I don’t know where I would be.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, and Muscle Car (Cartoon, Portrait, and T-Shirt Design)

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