Steven Shaver

Steven Shaver

Steven Shaver

About The Artist:
As a 1991 graduate from San Diego State University with a degree in International Business, Steven Shaver had plans to travel.  However he never imagined that the map he would follow would take him down an artistic path of creating functional art, gifts and awards made from car parts and other unique artifacts from our everyday places.

In 1992 the artistic journey began when Steven decided to move to Los Angeles where he got an internship as an assistant to the set decorator for the hit horror B-movie, “The Unborn II”.  He even got 15 seconds of fame playing a “dead body double” in the movie for former Family Ties actor Scott Valentine.  While in living in LA, Steven also worked for a well known furniture designer in sales and operations.

1 day before the big quake in 1994, Steven had left Los Angeles to return to his home town of Los Gatos, California.  Talk about good timing!  He attended a semester at San Jose State University’s acclaimed industrial design program to learn the basics of industrial design and combine it with his business degree.  He also chose to work in property management in a sales and management capacity while developing and testing product ideas on the side.

In 1996 a random trip to a Pick-n-Pull car wrecking yard in San Jose set Steven on course for what would become his creative passion.  He discovered some marvelous auto parts, and although he knew very little about their automotive functions, he could envision their “artistic” purposes.  Steven wanted to give new life to these found “treasures” that would otherwise remain in the junkyard so he began creating clocks and lamps made from car parts and showed them at car shows and festivals and auctioned them for a local television charity event.  They were a big hit and he knew I was on to something.

Fast forward 8 years of working in property management and designing in his spare time before Steven finally left his 9 to 5 job to pursue his design business full time!

The following year in 2005 Steven moved back to Los Angeles (12 years later) with his wife Ana.  Something kept drawing him back to this unique place.  They decided to make this their home and managed to buy their first house in Torrance!

In the summer of 2006 Steven was asked to create car part trophies for the GM “King of Bling” celebrity event in Hollywood.  Steven and his wife Ana were invited to the event and walked down the red carpet with the stars and got to see his trophies “blinged out” under the lights on stage!  Steven will never forget shaking hands with Shaq and watching in delight as Snoop Dogg and other big stars received his trophies.

“Thank you for your support and I look forward to creating memorable gifts and decor for you that genuinely express your unique lifestyle and interests”.