Virginia Ivanicki

Virginia Ivanicki

Virginia Ivanicki

About The Artist:
Canadian artist Virginia Ivanicki was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, moving to Calgary, Alberta where she studied Fine Art at the very accredited Alberta College of Art and Design in the 70’s.

After moving to Vancouver, B.C. shortly after graduating, the automobile began to enter into her work; at first as part of the landscape, but soon taking up an increasingly important part of her images.  In the last twenty years, the automobile has come front and center to take its place as the focal point in her work.

“I have been exploring the physical design and social significance of the automobile for several decades. I come to this particular interest in 40’s to 70’s cars honestly. Auto mechanics, body shop owners and drag and motorcycle racers are throughout my family. It’s in the genes even if I didn’t already appreciate the gorgeous extremes of line and color found in these cars that I consider works of art in themselves.”

“The cars speak of a powerful time in North America and a love of character and individualism. The common cars today are rather amorphous, allowing us to blend in to the landscape. I drove a classic for years and people always knew when I had arrived!”

Some of her textures, colors and bold attitude can be attributed to the art work she has done in the past for live action film sets, theatre sets, retail displays, magazine covers, and as a background color designer for animation. After a long career of honing her artistic skills in all these capacities, exploring an extensive list of style and medium, Virginia has settled into her passion for painting in her own exclusive style.

A prolific painter, her work glows with the over thirty years of experience that goes into every piece. Her work is powerful whether in oil, acrylic or giclee print.

“I love every painting I do, and every moment spent painting.”

Virginia has shown her work throughout the States and Canada and is collected worldwide.