Wayne Stadler

Wayne Stadler

Wayne Stadler

About The Artist:
I’d like to tell you a little about myself. I have always loved just about anything that has wheels, and an engine to make it go. The higher the performance level, the better. I can’t work on any of them without inflicting a lot of damage to both them and myself, but I love them just the same. Another love that I have always had has been art work. I became an Art Major in college, and had every intention of completing school and then teaching sculpture (serious art work) at the junior college level. Somehow, I got sidetracked after my party (oops I mean my Junior year) and began training for an entirely different career. Okay, okay, it was a girl that derailed my plans. The decision to change careers had to do with me wishing to be able to support us both as I was finishing up college. Funny thing, the girl didn’t last very long, but the career did. I have been doing it for over 34 years and will retire in July of 2006. My formal art training always dealt with a more serious, realistic type of art work, but I’ve been cartooning for fun ever since I could hold a pencil. I attempted my first mural at the tender age of four, with a black crayon, on the hallway wall of the house I grew up in. I called it “The Unfinished Drawing“ as I was very rudely interrupted by my mother, and her fly swatter. Secretly, I think my mom liked it more then she let on, because it was still there 14 years later when my parents sold the house. Ironically, I was actually trying to draw a car when I was discovered. With Cartoons R Wayne, I can combine my love of cars with my love of drawing cartoons. I’ve now found that drawing cartoon cars is just about my favorite way to pass the time while at a drawing table.

Cartooning is still mostly a hobby for me, but it has also become a part time second job that I’ve held for over (30) years. During that time I have had a lot of very happy (and repeat) customers. I have a partial list of those customers available for anyone to contact if you would like a reference or two. This list can be emailed to you if you request it. New cartoon drawings will be added to this site as they are created, so check back often. Also, if there’s something that you want, but don’t see here, there’s a pretty good chance I have it as a black and white drawing. I currently have an inventory of over 350 cartoon cars in black and white. They are perfect for use as coloring pages.

I’ve been happily married for over 33 years (but not to the career changer mentioned above) and have three great kids. My two daughters are both married, and my oldest has given me a wonderful grandson (I highly recommend grandchildren to anyone) and my 16 year old son is also an avid car enthusiast.

I think that my traumatic experience at the age of four (my “Unfinished Drawing” mentioned above) kept me from drawing cars for a long time. Once I seriously started drawing cartoon automobiles in about 1995, I found that I really love to draw cartoon cars, trucks, motorcycles etc. I especially like drawing someone’s personal vehicle. Drawing high performance cars, muscle cars, street rods, customs, racers, and even stockers in a cartoon format is in my DNA, I just can‘t stop. As of July 2006, when I retire, I expect that drawing cartoon cars will become an even bigger part of my life and I can’t wait.

Hot Rod/Custom and Muscle Car (Cartoon and T-Shirt Design)