Acrylic Chalk – Igor Sadovy

Acrylic Chalk - Igor Sadovy

Igor Sadovy shares the steps he took to create this three panel motorcycle artwork.

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Step 1:
I have taken 3 canvases (in Italian juta) measuring 50 x 70 cm. cdn, fixed them behind with two parallel strips. I then put an acrylic chalk (gesso acrilico per artisti) very dense in chaotical mode, mixing it with the bright red color. Considering the high thickness of chalk it needs to dry for approximately one week.


Step 2:
I marked the measures of the future design, leaving the center and I paint around. I put only the basic colors that will always be slightly modified step by step.


Step 3:
Rebuild the general design of the pilot and the bike.


Step 4:
And from step 4 to step 5 I’m working details of the design-pilot and the bike.


Step 5:
Working in more details of the design-pilot and the bike.


Step 6:
I do tests on the second level; adding the green stripes to emphasize the speed.


I divide the general canvas, clean the borders from plaster, and I fixed the three paintings on the black base with 2-cm. distances between them the work needs to be framed!

I hope you like it!

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