Alain Lemire

Alain Lemire

Alain Lemire

About The Artist:
With 12 years of experience as an illustrator working for visual dictionary editor, it was a normal step to start illustrating what I love since I’m young, sports cars. In 12 years I had the chance to try various digital illustration techniques. The one I have used since 2008, is to draw outlines with a HB pencil. Sometimes I add some small shading. Then after, I bring the drawing into Photoshop where I add colors.

Working that way, it’s possible to have an artwork of the car with the body color the customer wants to match his favorite loved one! I offer my work mostly in limited edition prints of factory looking cars and personalized art prints where owners can do what they want, so I can extra charge for the extra work. I offer these prints in 2 collections. The New Generation Collection and the Classic Collection that was done between 2001 and 2010. The Classic Collection was mostly offered on Ebay.

My plans for the future is to offer traditional art to owners.

Classic Car, Muscle Car, Illustration, Portrait, T-Shirt Design


Alain Lemire Artwork 1

Alain Lemire Artwork 2

Alain Lemire Artwork 3

Alain Lemire Artwork 4

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