Alan Dezzani

Alan Dezzani

Alan Dezzani

About The Artist:
I’ve always found the detail of racecars fascinating. More often than not, when a racecar is not on course, it is up on stands undergoing preparation various states of assembly. Furthermore, over the arc of their careers, two racecars of identical make and model, tend to differ based upon modifications and preferences of their drivers. It is those details which I make an effort to capture in my drawings.

For many years I’ve raced a Royale RP24 Formula Ford in the Club Ford class of the San Francisco Region of the Sports Car Club of America. The sport has taught me the importance of paying attention to detail, which I’ve carried over to my “day job” of performing structural and mechanical tests on aerospace hardware. One aspect of my job which I enjoy is producing detailed technical illustrations of the test setups. I’ve combined my interests in technical illustrations and race cars to produce my drawing.

Motorsport, Illustration


Alan Dezzani Artwork 1

Alan Dezzani Artwork 2

Alan Dezzani Artwork 3

Alan Dezzani Artwork 4

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