Alan Scott Greene

Alan Scott Greene

About The Artist:
California’s Alan Scott Greene is known for his striking use of colors. His compositions create a feeling of speed, excitement and electricity that bring his subjects to life.

It was evident at an early age that this Illinois native was drawn like a magnet to bright colors and fast moving objects. As a youngster, Alan was never satisfied with the limited selections of Crayons available, and always insisting on having their biggest box. His parents recognized Alan’s need to express himself through art, and provided him with all the material he needed. This eventually led to his studies at the Art Institute of Chicago where he excelled, and where his surreal work was shown in the Chicago museum of art.

A lifelong love of Porsche sports and racing cars began in the mid-60s when he saw an advertisement for the original “soft-window” Targa. “It was love at first sight,” says Alan, “and I bought my first Porsche when I was only 18!”

His passion for the German marque rekindled his love for art. After a long hiatus, he developed an affinity and ability for the new genre of digital art. A Porsche artwork he created in 2004 led to commissions from many of his friends in the exotic car and automotive racing community.

Today, Alan’s art is created with state-of-the-art digital tools. He combines photography, digital hand-painting and proprietary techniques to produce a style that is instantly recognizable, yet never predictable. It comes alive with his signature use of vibrant bursts of color.

Alan’s artworks are like eye candy. Deliciously colored, you can’t stop at just one! Start your collection today. Werks offered on museum quality canvas, and textured watercolor art paper.

Exotic Car (Illustration)



  1. Dear Alan
    Very nice art … very dynamic! Bravo!

  2. Thank you Paul, that’s a fine compliment coming from you. I love your work too!

  3. Your works of art are exciting! The way you view and create such a vibrant use of colors express draws the viewer into the space as if there leaving with a feeling of exhiliration from the sheer speed! Thank you, Alan!

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