Anthony Cowland

Anthony Cowland

About The Artist:
I make my way in this world as an Illustrator and Painter with most of my work done to commission! I graduated from Brighton College of Art and Design and went into Architecture and Design, working in London and New York. I did this for ten years and then became a full time illustrator over 20 years ago. I have traveled the world for painting commissions (at other’s expense of course)!

I think that first-hand experience, if practical, is important for communicators such as artists and illustrators.

I tackle a wide number of subjects but I find automobiles to be a real challenge! Motorcars are ‘in the blood’ as restoring Vintage Cars seems to have run in the family.

I regularly exhibit work in Central London Galleries, have won a number of Painting Awards and my work is regularly published in books and magazines as well as Limited Edition Prints. For the past 20 years I have been a ‘War Artist’ for the British Army and have visited a number of ‘exotic’ locations with them!

On my website you will find Automobile Prints and Original Paintings for sale.

Classic Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Portrait, Illustration


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  1. Nice work Anthony,good cross section of motorsport.


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