Benjamin Self

Benjamin Self

Benjamin Self

About The Artist:
I have had a love of old cars for as long as I can remember. I think that this was sparked by some of the 1950’s and 1960’s cars owned by my eldest brother and my father. There was a string of Ford (UK), Vauxhalls, Singers, Hillmans, Austins and Rovers etc…no sportscars, just ordinary saloons and estates, but each one was very distinctive in style, and so very recognisable. I remember the excitement of a long journey in these vehicles, and the annual family holiday, sometimes we actually got there!

Years later I trained as an Illustrator, and I have completed many and varied projects, but I kept returning to my passion for these old cars, so in 2007 I started drawing them seriously and offering the illustrations for sale as prints. Today, I only draw classic cars, these may not always be the best cars around, but they certainly evoke some memories, and I try to appeal to a wide European, American and Australian market.

Each drawing takes me around 20 hours to complete, and I attempt to capture the appearance of highly polished coachwork and chrome. I have ventured into a few digital illustrations, but I find I can attain a greater depth of reflective detail using pencil and coloured pencil.

My website shows the majority of the cars that I have drawn, where prints, keyrings, fridge magnets and giftcards can be purchased. I keep the site up to date with details of future projects etc…

Many thanks for reading my details, and for looking at my work.

Classic Car, Illustration


Benjamin Self Artwork 1

Benjamin Self Artwork 2

Benjamin Self Artwork 3

Benjamin Self Artwork 4

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