Bernardo Corman

Bernardo Corman

Bernardo Corman

About The Artist:
I’ve always considered myself the Joker in the pack when it comes to automotive art. My work is so completely different than anything else out there that I’m essentially a wing of the genre unto myself.

Pop-Surreal Automotive Art Bronzes…talk about a micro niche. Being so left field obviously has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand my work is unlike anything anyone has seen before which gives me a creative edge. On the flipside, because my work is so difficult to classify, people have a hard time fitting me in to their notions of what automotive art should be.

In addition to attending the School of the Art Institute in Chicago I have had several apprenticeships and been a staff member at the prestigious fine art foundry, the Johnson Atelier. My work can be seen in many private collections throughout the US. I’ve recently (Spring 2009) completed a life-sized enlargement of one of my automotive pieces for a foreign collector.

Currently I live and work in New Jersey.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom, Lowrider, Motorcycle, Sculpture

Website: (Site down since 02/01/2022)


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