Boris Vučkovič

Boris Vučkovič

About The Artist:
My name is Boris Vučkovič, from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. I was born on June 13th in 1965.
For all my life, I’ve been interested in art and cars and around 10 years ago I found a way to combine two of my biggest passions in one.

I’m basically a self-taught artist, who first started with classic techniques, such as charcoal and oil on canvas. Trough out time, with help of curiosity and imagination and over many experiments, I discovered my favorite technique, which I call 3D GLASS. It’s a unique technique of painting, or better said “dropping” on glass which enables me to express picture in three – dimensional perception. Mainly this means that different levels of colors (for glass surface) are carefully “dropped” on both sides of the glass. That way I create a higly realistic painting and by looking at it, it is hard to stay listless. In particular when the picture is enriched by the motive, where only the most overwhelming ideals are combined. Daring. Pleasure. Beauty.

My motives are mainly automotives. I put all my effort in paintings and each one is a unique piece of art.

I have to mention, this is a completely unique technique and I’m basically the only artist in the world who does it. It requires a lot of patience, many hours of sitting completely still and a lot of passion.

Classic Car, Motorsport

Website: (Site down since 06/14/2020)

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