Byron Chaney

Byron Chaney

Byron Chaney

About The Artist:
With the love of the automobile since birth, Byron Chaney turned his passion of the car into watercolor portraits and pencil illustrations for the classic car, muscle car era and also the American racing scene.

Growing up in So. California during the hey day of the hot rodding world, Byron turned wrenches during his teens on several cars of his own into street machines and restoring his own 1964 Chevy El Camino from the ground up. During that time he enrolled into Art Center College of Design in the 1980’s developing his talents as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer. After graduating for college, Byron worked in several entertainment and advertising agencies in Los Angeles developing his talents as a Storyboard artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Today he services the advertising and marketing industries as a freelance Illustrator and Designer.

With the love affair of the automobile and all sorts of racing today, Byron has a series of watercolor portrait paintings of the American muscle car and a new series “Legends of Racing” showcasing the men who are heroes of the automotive racing world and their achievements. These paintings are limited editions giclee prints available at my website. Also available are pencil illustrations of various historic and modern day racing personalities and classic cars that are available as well for your home, office, garage or man cave. Byron is also open for an commissioned assignments if you want a watercolor or pencil portrait of your prized classic car or vehicle.

Check out my website for details and contact information regarding my work and any commissioned assignment you have.

Classic Car, Muscle Car, Illustration, Portrait


Byron Chaney Artwork 1

Byron Chaney Artwork 2

Byron Chaney Artwork 3

Byron Chaney Artwork 4

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