Chris Bradsworth

Chris Bradsworth

Chris Bradsworth

About The Artist:
My name is Chris Bradsworth and I live in the UK.  Having always been interested in Art and Cars, I finally decided to combine the two and create Comic Car Art. My first pictures were drawn for a few friends as gifts for birthdays and such.  From the reactions I received, I realized that personalized drawings can mean so much to people.  It was thanks to my friends and family that I started my web site.  When I came up with the idea they supported me in the set up and early stages of promotion, by telling friends, colleagues and introducing me to some real ‘petrol head’ formula 1 fans! For this I am very grateful!

Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding or any other special event, a personalized drawing is the perfect gift to make some one laugh.  My drawings are about having fun and making people feel good! When you commission  one of my drawings I will discuss every detail that you would like to be included.  Maybe you have a funny event that happened with your vehicle?  Some particular badge, graphic or even damage that is an important feature? All of this can be included to give an excellent cartoon interpretation!

Please fell free to visit my site and take a look at some of the commissions I have drawn already.  Any comments on my work are welcome and if you would like to discuss a commission please contact me via my e-mail address.

Classic Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport (Cartoon)

Website: (Site down since 04/11/2014)





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