Daniela Daude

Daniela Daude

Daniela Daude

About The Artist:
If cars and motorcycles seduce you, welcome to the imagination of automobile sculpturer Daniela DAUDE.

Being a graduate artist /Designer of object /Graphic designer (DNAP design option to object and space), I am passionate about automobiles and motorcycles. I create furniture using spare parts of cars and motorcycles, which reunites my two appetites, design and motor racing.

In the gallery of artistic creations of ATELIER DU LOFT, everything can be pretext for an automobile present such as a automotive-related champagne bar. You will always find your happiness and things to delight the ardent automotive and motorcycle supporters.

L’ATELIER DU LOFT is not only for garage decoration but for all the parts of the house. Every artistic work is unique hand-made and made in Paris, France.

Classic Car, Motorcycle, Sculpture



Daniela Daude Artwork 1

Daniela Daude Artwork 2

Daniela Daude Artwork 3

Daniela Daude Artwork 4

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