David Sharp

David Sharp

About The Artist:
As a kid and budding artist I loved to draw. I was inspired by cartoons, science fiction and fantasy movies, video games and books, and most importantly, cars. Many hours were spent recreating my favorite vehicles or creating my own. Typically my medium of choice is colored pencil and pens or acrylic paint. I was trained in illustration at VCU in Richmond, Va. where I obtained a bachelors degree in Communication Art and Design. I also like to mix it up and do tight realism with some subjects, but with others go with a looser style and just see where the piece takes me. My love of cars can be attributed to my uncle who owned some of the finest classic muscle cars of which I helped clean and detail.

The amazing progression of technology has provided artists an unlimited outlet for creativity and I intend to take advantage of this opportunity to further pursue my passion for great automotive art. I consider myself an evolving artist. I enjoy exploring different artistic avenues learning as much as I can. Since I have traditional drawing and painting skills, knowledge of many computer programs, and photography skills, I see 3-D modeling as the next challenge that will take my automotive artistic endeavors to new heights. Building vehicles from scratch with polygons in a computer program and then bringing them to life with textures and backgrounds is something I am really interested in. I’m currently taking online game design classes from the Academy Art University in San Francisco, California to achieve my goals.

My main goal in my career is to work in the gaming industry building vehicles for various gaming platforms. Ultimately, I want to achieve something and feel proud of what I accomplish and doing that with integrity. Someone once told me that work will set you free. Doing what I love for a living will do that for me, it’s my ultimate goal in life.

Classic Car, Motorcycle, Illustration, Portrait



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