Dermot Gallagher

Dermot Gallagher

Dermot Gallagher

About The Artist:
Like many artists, Dermot started drawing at an early age and hasn’t stopped since. His favourite subjects were always something to do with road transport – cars, trucks and buses. Born and raised in London, the sights and sounds of those vehicles on the streets of such a thriving city has always fascinated him, especially the buses. If he’s forgotten faces and names of people he’s met since the age of four, you can bet he can remember the cars they were driving as if it were yesterday.

His working life has been a mix of engineering and commercial art, including technical illustrating and later, graphic design, where he was able to perfect his skills for drawing using pen, pencil and felt markers, and since 1991 computer graphics on the Mac. Dermot’s favourite medium is definitely pencil sketching and rendering. He started producing drawings of old British cars that he remembered since childhood, the everyday motors that friends and family owned. Not necessarily classics but evoking nostalgic memories nonetheless. Many people remember the first car they’ve ever owned, or the family automobile loaded up for the annual holiday, perhaps the car on that first romantic date.

The next logical step was to make those automobile memories available to others through his drawings. Amending the original hand drawn image may be as simple as changing a wing mirror or spotlight, or adding a number plate, the result is an artwork that is as close to a personalised illustration as it gets at a fraction of the cost of a commissioned original.

Classic Car, Illustration


Dermot Gallagher Artwork 1

Dermot Gallagher Artwork 2

Dermot Gallagher Artwork 3

Dermot Gallagher Artwork 4

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