Dixie Olin

Dixie Olin

Dixie Olin

About The Artist:
My hope is that my paintings will make you want to reach out and touch them. You will want to explore the landscapes as they follow the curves of the chrome. Through my artwork I want you to enjoy the glimpses of engines that are so intimate you feel the power and heat they provide. Know that you are looking at machines that can take you to a place that is as close to flying as you can get. I know this because I can see the clouds riding in the reflections of fenders and gas tanks as I find my inspiration.

There is such a feeling of independence and excitement in riding and yet there is a great sense of belonging to something larger, sometime important. I hope you enjoy and please look forward to additional works of art.

I have original artwork, as well as the fact I do commission work, both for motorcycles, and portrait work with or without the bikes.


Motorcycle (Portrait and T-Shirt Design)


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