Do you know “Dodd”?

Dodd Jag Dodd VW Dodd Mercedes Dodd MG

We were recently contacted by someone looking for information about the artist who did this artwork. They are cartoonish drawings of an MG TF, Jaguar XK120, VW and Mercedes 190.

The artwork is signed “Dodd”, and the person said they purchased them from an ad in Road & Track in the 50’s.

If you have any information on this artist please post it in the comments or contact us.

Thank you for your help,


  1. I have the same set. They have
    “autobooks Burbank ca printed on bottom. They are still there’s

  2. I have the same set.
    they were sold thru Autobooks in Burbank Ca. in the 50s thru ads in road and track magazine.
    Autobooks is still there

  3. do you know the artist’s full name? The picture I found is signed only “by Dodd”

  4. Thanks for the info. I was interested in finding out the full name of the artist because I just found the Jaguar picture in a frame for $4 at a thrift shop and thought it was very interesting.

  5. I have a different set. It has the TR3, but I have a thunderbird, a Porsche, and a corvette

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