Don Vierstra

Don Vierstra

About The Artist:
Born in Los Angeles County, CA. Now residing in Buena Park, CA.

Detailed innovative automotive illustration and design. I am a self taught artist born & raised in Southern California. I grew up in the middle of the custom car culture of the 60’s and 70’s. Attracted to the car shows and hot rod builders of the era at an early age, I soon realized I could capture their creations in a very realistic manner by putting pencil to paper. I became obsessed with drawing cars.

Honing my skills over the years has lead me to many awards and much recognition. My depictions have earned me an appearance on Discovery Channel’s very popular television show “Monster Garage”. There I joined forces with host and custom builder turned celebrity Jesse James in the episode “Slingray”.

I also won an honorable mention in Motor Trend Magazine’s future car design contest. Taking the 2000 Corvette and transporting it 25 years into the future! My rendition included a detailed synopsis of materials used, technology and what energy source it would run on. My work was on displayed at The California International Auto Show in Anaheim. Another design based on something I did in 2000 won “Cool Car” in the Orange County Register’s 2002 Automotive design contest!

My designs are highly sought after in the custom car and hot rod world. My portfolio has been scrutinized by many in the industry. Larry Woods lead designer at Mattel and of Hot Wheels fame said it was one of the best and most complete he’s ever seen. Famous California customizer Gene Winfield was impressed with my work he commissioned me to capture the essence of his award winning 51 Merc. Currently creating concepts for Barry’s Speed Shop in Corona, CA.

I have over 20 years professional illustration and graphic design experience. If you are interested in a quote…don’t hesitate to ask!

My rates are reasonable and competitive.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Muscle Car, Concept Design, Illustration, Portrait, T-Shirt Design



  1. Looking for someone to do an illustration of my pro touring 69 camaro. It’s hugger orange with white Z28 stripes,black interior,lowered 3 inches,smoothed chrome bumpers front and rear,18 x 12 rims on the rear 18 x 8 on the front,Marquez design front blinker lights,stock front spoiler,body shaved,no key holes,but stock door handles,stock mirrors on both doors,boyd couddtoning junk yard dog wheels. I’m looking for a quote,live in Santa Barbara and would love to have a coastal theme,or if you know about this town something on State St would be real cool. Thanks for your time. Ed Corral

  2. Hello Ed,

    Sorry I did not see this post until now. You can email me @ and I will respond shorty after you send me an email.

    Than You,


  3. Also Ed,

    I do know what you are saying about Santa Barbara and love the town.

    Again, Thanks! Don

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