Douglas Rentsch

Douglas Rentsch

About The Artist:
Douglas Rentsch was born in West Orange New Jersey in 1958. Doug comes from a family background where his grandfather was a tool and die maker working on George Tilp’s factory Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari’s driven by Walt Hansgen and Phil Hill. His father restored and raced vintage oval track racing cars.

Growing up Doug attended many races from the original Can Am series to Formula One and World Championship Sportscars events.

Doug started photographing cars and races at the age of 11. Throughout his college years he was a photographer for various national publications. In 1988 he began to focus on painting using gouache as his primary medium to properly capture the movement of a race car and the mood of an event.

Doug’s work is exhibited regularly at the Provincetown Arts Association and Museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Doug is an artist painting automotive, motorcycle and aviation subjects on commission.

Motorcycle, Motorsport, Illustration, Portrait

Website: (Site down since 05/15/2020)

1 Comment

  1. Hi Doug,
    I’ve known for quite some time of your camera expertise (Schiff photo), & those I’ve seen from Otto.

    What I did not know was the painting aspect. This latest, for me, is just exceptional.

    “look out MoMa”, here comes Doug. Congratulations!

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